How do you cope with Holidays whilst dieting?


So the Summer Holidays are nearly over and most of us are on or have been on our holidays to relax enjoy the sun and EAT!

I have recently returned from mine and reflecting how I coped with the temptation of food and drink and how it actually compared to previous holidays.

I don’t know how much weight I have gained from my two week jaunt as I don’t weigh in until Thursday but overall I’m feeling good.

I went All Inclusive which means that food is so easily available whether you are hungry or not! In the past I have eaten 3 meals a day and ate convenience food like, bread, burgers, hot dogs pizza, chips and dessert with every meal. It’s no surprise I came home considerably heavier than when I went and I wasn’t a waif beforehand.

My mentality was ‘I’m on holiday, I deserve to eat what I want ‘ and to some extent that mentality is right, however on this holiday I made some small changes so I still felt like I was on holiday but wasn’t in a food coma most days.

My best tip is to go to the salad bar first, load up on the stuff you like and make sure half you plate is full of varied greens. This way when you hit the hot buffet you have less plate space! I then go for the rice instead of chips or pasta and then pick up some grilled meat.

I never felt hungry or deprived as my plate was full and I always chose different things everyday. I also had a yoghurt and some jelly after with loads of fruit.

Another thing I stuck to were brown rolls instead of white, I’ve not eaten white bread since I started my quest and I have felt better for it. So therefore why would I make myself feel like crap and get addicted to the stuff again?

I like a drink and this is my biggest weakness and in the past I have had beer, Wine or Cocktails on holiday which are full or cals and added to the food can see you put on lbs whilst away. I decided this time like the bread, I’m sticking  to my new way of eating and drinking and mainly stuck to spirits with diet mixers.

My final tip is just because the restaurant is open doesn’t mean you have to eat 🙂 If you’re not hungry don’t eat for the sake of it go for a walk or swim or just do nothing. Lying on a sun bed reading is better than loading up on calories you do not need.

That said I had a meal out where I had a dessert and chips and I had takeaway once just because I wanted to and I did feel a pang of guilt which reminded me why I was on this diet in the first place.

So I’ll update my progress on Thursday and take the hit no matter what and if it’s a big gain so what? I didn’t get fat in two weeks before this diet and I’ll lose it soon after.

So if I am expecting a gain why am I feeling good you might ask? The reason I feel good is I was in CONTROL and I made changes and I know for a fact it would of been a lot worse if I hadn’t.

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