Perfect poached eggs in 2 minutes


One thing I’ve noticed about my love of food is that every component needs to be perfect to make a meal really delicious.
One meal I love eggs with is gammon steaks with wedges and salad.
The egg pork combo has long been a success and this nails it for me.
The one struggle I had in the past is getting the eggs just right.
This often involved make sure the oil in the pan was not too sparse and hot.
However since I’ve began my quest for skinniness oil is no longer my friend.
Enter the egg poacher, this nifty little thing doesn’t need oil just water and nobody but nobody has told me yet water is bad for you πŸ™‚
The poacher I have chosen is a microwavable one from a discount store for 99p!
I know there are many great chefs out there who think poaching an egg in the ding is sacrilege but until they are willing to come to my house and show me how it’s done this is my method and it works.
Here’s what my poacher looks like


I usually add COLD water to these holders and crack in my eggs. The instructions claim hot water is the answer but I find this nukes parts of the egg too quick and leaves them half cooked.

Once prepped I put these in the microwave on Med/High NOT High for around 45-60 seconds. I leave them for 15 seconds once done to finish their thing and voila perfect poached eggs!

If you prefer a less runny egg zap it longer, sorry Master Chefs πŸ™‚

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