About Fatty Apple



Hi my name is Julie and i’m 34 and live in Manchester in the UK.

As you might have guessed I am overweight and carry most of it above my waist, so this makes me an apple, a Fatty Apple 🙂

I have created this blog to share ideas and inspiration with anybody out there trying to achieve what I am- a body I am happy to look at in the mirror 🙂

Like many others this isn’t my first weight-loss journey, I am however hoping it will be my last.

I’m a foodie through and through, I love cooking and creating and as you might of guessed eating!

This blog, I hope will turn ‘diet food’ in to tasty food without hammering the calories.

So whatever you are counting (Calories, Syns, Points, reasons not to diet :P) Join me in my quest to make dieting enjoyable and not a dirty word.

Thanks for Visiting,




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